Ampient is a collective of musicians in Knoxville, TN, creating musical conversations through improvised sounds.

Initially started as a sly nod to Brian Eno’s Music For Airports, Ampient founders Todd Steed and John Baker released Music For Bus Stations in 2006. The idea of live performance grew out of that album and more Knoxville musicians joined the fold.


Ampient returned to the Big Ears Festival on 29 Mar & 30 Mar 2014, with midday Ampient Café performances at Old City Java. Performances took place from 1-3pm on Saturday 29 Mar and 12-2pm on Sunday 30 Mar.


Music4 Projec (2013)

5 of the Ampient collective offer an update on Mr. E's concept of musical support for the everyday mundrone.

Knoxville is Ampient (2009)

The collaboration/compilation that started it all.

More releases by Ampient artists


Present and past performers/collaborators include:


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